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With decades of custom boot fitting on our staff, you can be assured that we are well equipped to address all of your custom boot fitting needs. If you purchase your boots from Village Ski Loft, custom fitting is included in the price of the boots. We’ve got you covered when it comes to comfortable boots.



Custom boot fitting is the art of taking a mass produced piece of ski equipment (the ski boot) and tailoring it to an individuals foot shape and skiing style thru modification. We believe that comfort is key and performance is the goal of custom fitting. Comfort is achieved by supporting the foot in its ideal position with footbeds and liners, then modifying the shell to fit better by stretching and grinding. Once the shell is shaped to the foot, the boot can be balanced and aligned to increase performance and ease of use. 


A lot of people ask, "How do I know when I have a good fit?” It"s pretty simple… You have a good fit when you can lightly buckle your boots and they hold your feet still without any major pressure points. Ski boots are performance footwear that must fit snug or else you won"t be able to send the message to your skis that allow you stay in control. So know this; When you first slide your feet into a new pair of boots, IT SHOULD FEEL LIKE THE LENGTH IS TOO SHORT AND YOUR TOES SHOULD TOUCH THE FRONT OF THE BOOT. Once you buckle the boot and flex forward a few times, you will get more toe room. The addition of a foot bed with also give you more room lengthwise and width wise. After 3 to 5 full days of skiing, your boots will become about 10% bigger, so plan on your boots breaking in or growing a bit. If a boot feels roomy in the store, you will surely have problems keeping your feet still which will increase discomfort and decrease performance. Keep this in mind, it is always easier to make a boot bigger than it is to take up extra room.


Start with a reputable shop with experienced boot fitters that use the products they sell. Then make sure they have a good selection of boots and are well-equipped to fit them. Finally, make sure any adjustment and fitting is covered should you have any aches and pains later… In short, go to Village Ski Loft. 


There is no formula for the right shell size because it is more than just the length of the foot that determines the correct size boot for you. The width and volume of your foot is just as important as the length. The rule of thumb is this; The shell fit should be 1/4" to 3/4" behind your heel when your toes are lightly touching the front of the shell. A 1/4" is geared toward performance or lower volume feet. A 3/4" fit is for comfort or higher volume feet. 


 The flex of a boot dictates your ability to remain balanced and evenly pressure a ski through the turn. Your size, ability, ankle flexibility, and skiing style are all factors. A boot that is too stiff won"t allow you to stay forward, making it difficult to initiate a turn. Boots that are too soft won"t be supportive enough and will under power the ski. Finding a balance between the two will lead to more precise pressuring of the ski, giving you better control in changing conditions. 


 Last, but not least, choosing a boot with features that suit you should be considered. Do you have tough to fit or sensitive feet? A boot with custom liners may be better for you. Are you bow-legged or knock-kneed? You will want a boot with a wider range of alignment. Are you hard on your equipment or tend to keep it for long periods of time? You will probably be better off spending a little more for a nicer boot with metal hardware versus cheaper boots which usually have plastic hardware. 

Contact us to discuss your boot fitting today.

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